Empowering Agriculture for A Sustainable Future

Welcome to OneFarm, where we empower smallholder farmers in Nigeria by connecting them directly with retailers, ensuring fair revenue distribution.


Our Mission: Empower smallholder farmers in Nigeria by revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain, creating a fair and transparent ecosystem that benefits farmers, wholesalers, and retailers

Market Opportunity: The West African agriculture industry is valued at $10 billion. Join us in transforming Nigeria's agricultural supply chain.

Why One Farm Tech

The Challenge: Nigeria's agricultural supply chain faces inefficiency and unfairness, resulting in financial losses for farmers and abandoned farms.

Our Solution: OneFarm Tech is a technology-driven platform that connects farmers, wholesalers, and retailers, streamlining logistics, ensuring fair pricing, and promoting transparency.


We Have Something For You


Empowerment for Farmers:Join OneFarm and gain access to a network of retailers, streamlined logistics, fair pricing, and technical assistance to boost your income, productivity, and agricultural success.


Source Fresh, Local Produce: OneFarm enables retailers to source high-quality, locally grown produce directly from farmers. Ensure freshness, traceability, fair pricing, and diverse product offerings to meet consumer demand.

How OneFarm Works


  • Sign up and select your farmer profile.
  • List your products and set prices.
  • Receive direct orders from retailers.
  • Manage logistics and delivery.


  • Sign up and choose your Buyer profile.
  • Connect with farmers on the platform.
  • Facilitate transactions and ensure smooth supply chain operations.
  • Benefit from transparent pricing and fair revenue distribution.

Our Track Record

Our Achievements

Over 50 farmers onboarded and counting, with a 100% satisfaction rating

Increased Crop Yields

Onboarded farmers have experienced a remarkable 20% increase in crop yields.

Reduced Waste

Farmers using OneFarm have achieved a 10% reduction in waste.

Positive Social and Environmental Impact

Our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable.

Testimonial From Our Partners


Smallholder Farmer

Ever since I joined OneFarm, my farming business has transformed. The platform connects me directly with retailers, ensuring fair prices and eliminating wholesalers. With their support, my income has soared, and I've gained valuable resources to enhance productivity and reduce risks. OneFarm is the transparent and empowering solution every farmer needs.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

How do I place an order for products?

It's simple! Browse the product listings, select the items you need, add them to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page to place your order.

Is the supply chain information transparent?

Absolutely! OneFarm Tech emphasizes transparency. You can access real-time supply chain information, including the farm of origin, transportation details, and handling processes.

Can I set up recurring orders for specific products?

Absolutely! Our platform allows you to set up recurring orders for regularly stocked products, ensuring a seamless supply for your business. Except for seasonal products which we’ll inform you about.

Can I get market insights and demand forecasts?

Yes, you can! OneFarm Tech provides valuable market insights, pricing trends, and demand forecasts to help you make informed buying decisions.

How do I pay for my orders?

We offer multiple secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, online banking, and mobile wallets, for your convenience.